Wannonce Adulte Black Hawk

Is when a bunch of us get together and use this system of delegate elections to elect one of our members as the delegate of another region, and then have some fun there. It is essential that this action occurs as soon as possible, or our operations will fall to our enemies. Re not careful, the defenders will take them back from us and return them to their original owners!

Re acting as the main force of the army, securing our targets, assisting in the cleanup, and defending them from assault by our enemies. Since a player can only have one nation in the World Assembly, it takes the combined efforts of many of us to seize and hold regions. First of all, welcome to The Black Hawks! Well, if you just want to be involved on the basic level, there will always be deployment orders posted in the World Factbook Entry at the top of the region page. The regional founders are waking up from their slumber and cleaning up their region after we tagged them. Home of the Most Feared Military Organisation in NationStates!

In the world for Most Subsidized Industry. In order to better interact with our community in real time. One of the main forms of military gameplay here on NationStates. The light of God is a great wealth! By the time the deployment process begins, our more advanced soldiers have already preliminary seized the region. Just not your thing, you can always go back to hanging out in the region and following the deployment orders like everyone else. Envoie moi un message pour un rendez vous inoubliable. Or ask a question on the RMB. If you have an opinion, shove it down your throat!